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A team for 30 years, together with entrepreneurs

Berk Partners supports entrepreneurs in accelerating growth and generating business value from companies.

We have been investing for 30 years in successful, well-run, (family) companies with headquarters in the Netherlands, with a turnover of € 5- € 75 million and who are active, preferably, in the food and manufacturing industry or as a supplier to healthcare.

Berk Partners is independent and strives for active support of entrepreneurs and management teams to realize their (international) growth ambitions at an accelerated pace. Berk Partners has invested in more than 40 companies over the years.

Berk Partners’ experienced and entrepreneurial investment team assists portfolio companies in financial, strategic and operational areas. In close consultation with a company’s management a strategic direction is determined and Berk Partners helps to implement this if desired.

Sustainability is a top priority at Berk Partners, which is why we have signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI) and we act in accordance with these six principles.

Berk Partners underlines the importance of supporting a strong investment market. Therefore, we are a member of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Participatiemaatschappijen (NVP).

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Berk Partners is registered with the Dutch regulator, the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).


Berk Partners believes it has the task to make a positive contribution to the environment, the community and its stakeholders. Not only from the perspective of social responsibility, but also from the conviction that in this way the most value can be created for its investments and shareholders. Both before and after an investment, corporate policy in the field of the environment, society and corporate governance (environmental, social and governance: ESG) plays an important role. Read our Responsible Investment Policy here, which sets out what is expected from Berk Partners as an investor and what Berk Partners expects from its portfolio companies.

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Investment strategy and criteria

How we work

Berk Partners invests in small and medium-sized companies with long-term growth potential.

Berk Partners is constantly looking for companies that are well positioned in (niche) markets, industries and sectors with a long-term growth potential. Themes with special attention are: aging, trends in nutrition and innovation.

A strategic growth plan is drawn up for each investment in close consultation with the company’s management, which forms the basis for further long-term cooperation. We see strong and participatory management as crucial for the success of a joint investment. Berk Partners inspires, stimulates and supports management.

Berk Partners invests in majorities and minorities (under specific conditions). In addition, we mainly facilitate growth capital, buy-outs and pre-exits and we support, among other things, improvements within the organization, acquisitions and buy-and-build strategies.

Prior to an investment, it is jointly identified what opportunities there are to create value. The aim is for the company to become larger and stronger after the investment period (3-6 years) due to sustainable growth. Together with the entrepreneur or the management team, a new owner is then sought to continue the deployed growth.

Berk Partners applies the following strict investment criteria and situations.

Corporate social responsibility goes hand in hand with successfull investments


Our areas of preference

Berk Partners gives private individuals and Dutch and international, professional and institutional investors the opportunity to invest in healthy, well-run small and medium-sized businesses.

Berk Partners has a strong track record in and knowledge of various sectors. Sectors where we have gained experience in the past have our specific interest. Berk Partners has a preference for suppliers to healthcare, the food industry and the innovative manufacturing industry.



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Anchor Team

Berk Partners Team

Experienced and driven

Investing succesfully is only possible with the right people and with a passion for results. Our team consists of experienced investors, all professionals with extensive experience as entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized companies.

The Berk Partners team is fully attuned to eachother and together exceeds 100 years of financial, banking and private equity experience or as an entrepreneur. Together they have a powerful mix of entrepreneurship, knowledge about mergers and acquisitions, strategic advice, business financing and operational skills. Entrepreneurship is in Berk’s DNA, which is why we invest in the funds ourselves.

Vergouwen website

Frans Jan Vergouwen


2020.09.15 Website Ewout Thumbnail

Ewout van der Feltz

Investment Analyst

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Rimco Geels


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Tijmen Storm van ‘sGravesande

Investment Intern

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Frank Govaert


Thijs Hofman website 3

Thijs Hofman

Investment Analyst
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Willem Kamps



Involved and experienced

The Berk Partners investment team is assisted in terms of content, legally and procedurally by advisers with a long track-record as entrepreneurs, in private equity or as directors or who provide valuable market knowledge or contacts in another way.

The advisers are actively involved in the investment process. They can offer assistance with the identification and analysis of investment opportunities. Our investment professionals also have access to an extensive network of experts through these advisers.

Dick Eykel RvA

Dick Eykel


Kees Faber final

Kees Faber


Jan Martin Timmer RvA

Jan Martin Timmer


Ton Lahaije RvA

Ton Lahaye


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Herman Beens


2020.01.23 Aart veldhuizen 2

Aart Veldhuizen


Independent investment fund with lots of entrepreneurial experience

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Recent and former investments

Various participations

Berk Partners invests in companies in various sectors and has no specific sector focus. Berk Partners does, however, have a specific knowledge of and preference for a few sectors: innovative manufacturing industry, the food industry and healthcare supply.

Earlier investments

Proven track-record

Berk Partners has a proven track-record in creating value for small and medium-sized businesses. Berk Partners has invested in more than 40 companies over the past 30 years.

Below you find a selection of the companies in which Berk Partners has had an interest.

40+ transactions completed

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News items

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