As of 1 May 2016, Berk Partners will be independently engaged again. Of course we remain active in the management of the existing participations, with a part of the portfolio remaining with the merger partner. A new start also offers new opportunities. For example, we are fully engaged in the preparations for a new investment fund. This will be the fifth fund since the founding of Berk Partners in 1992.

In this new fund we want to focus on companies active in the (innovative) manufacturing industry, in addition to the more regular management buy-outs and management buy-ins. , companies in transition and companies that are ready or need to be prepared for the ‘next step’. So we have even more new, refreshing ideas about investing that we would like to share with you at another time. At the same time with our independence we also introduce a new house style and a new logo.

* Berk Partners, the investment company that comes from the investment vehicle of Ben Pon, has always focused on investments in longer-existing, medium-sized, well-run (family) companies from the early 1990s. After several successful investments (gin producer Koninklijke Joh. De Kuyper & Zn. And AC Restaurants) third parties, especially experienced entrepreneurs, joined the funds as shareholders. For example, investments were made in (portion) packaging company W. van Oordt & Co and games manufacturer Jumbo (Hausseman & Hötte B.V.).