Investor Berk Partners private equity takes an interest in coffee company Royal Taste Company in Soest. Royal Taste focuses on the composition, roasting, packaging and distribution of personalized coffee blends.

Amsterdam, OCTOBER 26, 2021 – Investment fund Berk Partners has acquired an interest in the Royal Taste Company, based in Soest, as of October 26, 2021. Royal Taste focuses on the composition, roasting, packaging and distribution of personalized coffee blends. The services go beyond the blending of coffee, Royal Taste creates and delivers the complete coffee experience according to the customer’s wishes. The blend, certificates, by-products, packaging, appearance and market strategy play an important role here.

Royal Taste provides total concepts for the development of a personalized coffee blend


Royal Taste Company is the specialist in the field of producing and supplying personalized coffee blends. In consultation with the customer, unique blends are made from 90 different coffee beans with different roasting times and temperatures. Royal Taste carries over 140 different tailor-made blends and about 20 blends from its own range. In addition to the personalized blends, instant coffee and by-products such as milk powder, cocoa and creamer sticks are also offered. The customer group consists of companies, catering and intermediaries.

The market for high-quality, personalized specialty coffee is growing. The frequency with which people drink coffee outside and the increasing variation in the method of preparation of coffee are increasing the demand for high-quality coffee. Europe has traditionally been an important market for coffee roasters. However, an additional growth spurt is taking place in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The market share of private label brands in Europe is growing. Partly due to the Covid-19 crisis, consumers are asking for products with a better price-quality ratio. Private label brands can comply with this. The developments in the coffee and private label market give Royal Taste Company an ideal starting point to benefit from further growth.
In the field of ESG, Royal Taste takes its responsibility by contributing to sustainability in the sector. Royal Taste has various certificates that support this sustainability and increase transparency in the sector.


The transaction is a pre-exit. As of October 26, 2021, Berk Partners Groeifonds joined as a minority shareholder. The current owners and directors Edwin van Barreveld and Rolf Hoksbergen will continue to be the driving force behind Royal Taste after the transaction and will focus on further expanding the company in the coming years. Both entrepreneurs are known as driven managers and capable directors with a great deal of knowledge of the niche in which Royal Taste is active.


Edwin van Barreveld foresees interesting growth opportunities. “With the involvement of Berk Partners, we can further expand and professionalize internationally and the networks of Berk Partners will also become available for Royal Taste.” according to van Barreveld.

The collaboration with Berk Partners is a conscious choice, says Rolf Hoksbergen. “This partnership gives us the opportunity to further focus on commerce and growing the business, supporting Berk Partners to shape further growth. Berk Partners has gained a lot of experience in the past with growing companies.”

“Royal Taste fits in well with our investment policy. The food industry is one of our preferred sectors. Royal Taste is active in an attractive growth market and occupies a leading position there. The current management has a very good track record. With the increasing focus on quality in this sector, the role of Royal Taste will only increase.” said Willem Kamps (Berk Partners).

About Royal Taste Company B.V.

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Berk Partners is an independent investment company founded in 1992. Over the past thirty years, investments have been made in dozens of successful medium-sized Dutch companies. Berk Partners originated from Berk Holding, the investment vehicle of Mr Ben Pon, which was founded in the 1970s. After a few successful investments by him, third parties also joined. Berk Partners has in the past invested in Koninklijke Joh. de Kuyper & Zn. (distilled drinks), (portion) packaging company W. van Oordt & Co, games company Jumbo and Life & Mobility (manufacturer of wheelchairs).

The current Berk Partners fund is the fifth fund in succession and has fund assets of almost €50 million. Based on past experience, the fund has a preference for investments in the Food Industry, Innovative Manufacturing and Healthcare Supplier sectors. As an involved shareholder, Berk Partners adds value by making knowledge, a network, entrepreneurship and active support available in addition to capital. In 2018, the 5th Berk fund made its first investment. Berk Partners acquired a majority stake in the Harderwijk company Theha, the world’s only producer of coconut bread. On 21 February 2019, an interest was acquired in Molenmaker Techniek (MTS), based in Sneek. MTS produces and maintains hydraulic systems for civil engineering. On April 18, 2019, an interest was acquired in Rivièra Product Decorations (RPD). RPD is specialized in applying shrink-wrapped packaging. Berk Partners invested in Aarts Packaging in Waalwijk in December 2019. Aarts is a producer of packaging for the personal care and food industry. In April 2021, a participation was realized in Technotape Baarn, supplier of products for high-quality printing of photos (sublimation) on a multitude of articles. Berk Partners invested in HSU Groep in October 2021. HSU focuses on preparing and cleaning public transport equipment and on specialist cleaning.


Berk Partners geeft ESG-overwegingen bij de selectie van investeringsproposities en het beheer van haar deelnemingen een belangrijke plaats. ESG staat voor ‘Environmental, Social & Governance’ en houdt in dat factoren als energieverbruik, klimaat, beschikbaarheid van grondstoffen, gezondheid, veiligheid en goed ondernemingsbestuur nadrukkelijk worden meegewogen bij de keuze om in een bedrijf te investeren.

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