Investor Berk Partners private equity acquires a stake in Technotape from Baarn, an international supplier of products for high-quality printing (sublimation) of photos on a variety of articles.

Amsterdam, May 3, 2021 – Investment fund Berk Partners has acquired a substantial interest in the Baarn-based company Technotape BV as of April 30, 2021. Technotape specializes in everything related to personalized sublimation. Sublimation is the technique that makes it possible to make photo-realistic prints. The goods that the company offers include: products on which the printing (sublimation) takes place (such as mugs, puzzles and phone cases), but also printing equipment and printing supplies.

Technotape supplies and produces supplies to print products such as mugs, puzzles, bags or phone cases with photo-realistic quality (sublimation)

Technotape is the specialist in the field of unburdening (online) shops with individualized products for private (end)customers and knows how to distinguish itself as a supplier through quality, reliability and a broad product range. Technotape sells its products worldwide. Customers include photo processing companies, online retailers that sell personalized products and distributors with a high volume.

In the broader market of personalization of products, sublimation (photorealistic printing) has grown steadily in recent years and has become an important niche market. This growth is expected to continue in the coming years. The corona crisis has had a positive effect on the demand for Technotape’s products.

As a producer, Technotape bears responsibility for the environment, in line with the ESG objectives of investment company Berk Partners. Technotape therefore closely follows the development of sustainable, biodegradable and recycled materials and will – where possible and desired – apply these products and present the various options to customers.

The transaction is a combination of an MBI (management buy-in) and a pre-exit. Berk Partners Groeifonds joined as a shareholder on April 30, 2021. The current owner, Mr. Bonne Klein Woolthuis, will remain co-shareholder and director. Together with co-director Johan Tigchelaar, they will form the driving force behind Technotape and will focus on the further development of Technotape in the coming years. The focus remains on offering sublimation products.

Klein Woolthuis foresees interesting growth opportunities. “With the involvement of Berk Partners, we can further expand internationally, professionalize and the networks of Berk Partners are also available for Technotape.” says Klein Woolthuis.

“The collaboration with Berk Partners is a conscious choice,” says Bonne Klein Woolthuis. “This collaboration offers the opportunity to further concentrate on commerce and building the technical capabilities of the company, whereby Berk will support Partners in further shaping the growth. Berk Partners has gained a lot of experience with such projects in the past. ”

Berk Partners (Rimco Geels):
“Technotape fits in well with our investment policy. The innovative manufacturing industry is one of our preferred sectors. Technotape is active in an attractive growth market and occupies a leading position there. The new and current management have a very good track record. With the increasing focus on quality in this sector, the role of Technotape will only increase. ”


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About Berk Partners private equity
Berk Partners is an independent investment company founded in 1992. Over the past thirty years, investments have been made in dozens of successful medium-sized Dutch companies. Berk Partners stems from Berk Holding, the investment vehicle of Mr Ben Pon, founded in the 1970s. After several successful investments, third parties also joined. Berk Partners has invested in, among other things, Royal Joh. de Kuyper & Zn. (spirits), (portion) packaging company W. van Oordt & Co, games company Jumbo and Life & Mobility (manufacturer of wheelchairs).

The current Berk Partners fund is the fifth fund in succession and has assets of almost € 50 million. Based on past experience, the fund has a preference for investments in the food industry, innovative manufacturing industry and healthcare supplier. As a committed shareholder, Berk Partners adds value by making knowledge, a network, entrepreneurship and active support available in addition to capital. The 5th Berk fund realized its first investment in 2018. Berk Partners acquired a majority stake in the Harderwijk company Theha B.V., the only producer of coconut bread in the world. On February 21, 2019, an interest was acquired in Molenmaker Techniek (MTS), located in Sneek. MTS produces and maintains hydraulic systems for Road and Hydraulic Engineering. An interest in Rivièra Product Decorations (RPD) was acquired on April 18, 2019. RPD is specialized in the application of shrink-wrap packaging. Berk Partners invested in Aarts Packaging in Waalwijk in December 2019. Aarts is a producer of packaging for the personal care and food industry.

ESG policy
Berk Partners gives ESG considerations an important place in the selection of investment propositions and the management of its holdings. ESG stands for “Environmental, Social & Governance” and means that factors such as energy consumption, climate, availability of raw materials, health, safety and good corporate governance are explicitly taken into account when choosing to invest in a company.

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