MYbusinessmedia has sold Mediafacts and Boekblad to Pubmedia on 1 October. Both parties work intensively together until the end of the year for a good transfer.

Hein Bronk (director of media company MYbusinessmedia) about the sale: ‘The take-over by Pubmedia of these wonderful brands fits into choices that MYbusinessmedia has made for a greater focus on a number of core markets, such as Food, Trading, Engineering, Maritime and Fashion. With this choice we do not have enough attention for Mediafacts and Boekblad. In recent years we have invested heavily in the quality of these brands (including design, App and online developments) to position them even better. In other words: the brands are now ready, in this case Pubmedia, to get the full attention and development that they deserve. ‘

‘What could be nicer than starting a publishing house with an iconic trade journal such as Boekblad, the trade magazine for the book trade that has existed for more than 180 years,’ says Marjolijn Margadant, the new publisher of the two titles. ‘And with Mediafacts you are at the core of the media industry.’
Margadant has been working in the publishing industry since 1996, and in recent years at Kluwer, where she has gained a lot of experience in building communities and developing training and app’s. Her focus for Boekblad and Mediafacts will therefore be on strengthening and expanding the communities and developing beautiful spin-offs, such as training, e-learning, apps and workflow tools (CRM, CMS, etc.).
Pubmedia is based in Bunnik and, in addition to publishing, also has a software division, Pubsolutions. As a result, there is a lot of IT knowledge available, an absolute must for a future-proof publishing house. Pubmedia will also develop further in the direction of online publishing and building and offering (workflow) tools for these activities.

Despite the turbulent times in the book and media world, Margadant believes in the power of small publishers with a clear focus, especially in combination with an ICT branch. ‘With the passion and quality of the existing team, we will continue to expand the portfolio.’
Margadant: ‘I see a positive vision for small publishers that have a clear focus and with the good knowledge of ICT it is possible to respond quickly to new developments. With this strong team I have confidence in the future. ‘

For a smooth and smooth transition of the titles, it has been decided that MYbusinessmedia will take care of customer service, advertising sales, marketing and the organization of the National Publishing Day until 1 January. From 1 January 2015 Pubmedia will perform all activities. The editors will move to Bunnik in the coming months.