Activiteit producer of coconut products for bread, with meals or as a snack
Aanvang participatie april 2018
Type transactie management buy-in + management buy-out from family business
Aandelenbelang majority

Theha is the specialist in creamy coconut products for bread, with meals or as a snack.

At Theha the coconut bread for on a sandwich is prepared. Who did not grow up with it? Easily put on a sandwich in the best colors and delicacies, without crumbling! Available in different variants, including fiber-rich, gluten-free, vegan, organic and kosher. All prepared with the tastiest coconut from Southeast Asia.

Theha also produces different varieties of tasty, soft coconut cubes that are successfully sold as a snack and are used, among other things, as an ingredient for nut mixes and granola’s, as an interior for chocolate dragees and as a decoration for cakes and pies.

In the modern production facility in Harderwijk, the production processes are carried out in a food-safe, efficient and largely traditional manner in order to give optimal taste and smoothness to the products.

Theha has an annual turnover of around € 5 million with twenty employees.

For further information, please contact:

Theha b.v.
Dhr. Gijs Kakebeeke
Nobelstraat 2
3846 CG Harderwijk
Tel.: +31 (0)341 – 41 28 60