Activiteit rental of entertainment and telecom equipment around the patient bed in care institutions
Aanvang participatie March 2007
Type transactie management buy-out
Aandelenbelang 83%


Patientline was founded in 1995 as “Parlevliet & Persoon Facilitaire Diensten B.V.” by Erik Parlevliet and now with 120 employees based in Oosterhout.

In 2001 she was taken over by Hospital Entertainment B.V., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the English-listed Patientline Plc. and changed the company name to Patientline B.V. Because the results in England lagged behind expectations, Patientline Plc. a strategic reorganization was initiated whereby it was decided to sell the profitable Dutch branch.

Patientline is the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of services, information and communication for healthcare institutions, aimed at residents, patients and visitors. In 2015, Patientline introduced a new innovative solution under the name Sentean. Sentean offers a white label total solution for its customers, which enables them to get control over the digital developments both intra and extramurally.

Patientline is an organization that has been involved for 20 years with:

Offering specific content for healthcare consumers

Paying for services and products from healthcare consumers

Clients call center for support of healthcare consumersWebsites